Arriving at Yellowstone Park/Mountainside KOA

The trip from Brigham City to Yellowstone was rainy and cold. Thankfully there was a small break in the rain when we arrived so we were able to get the rig set up before the next rain started. The KOA had a small pizzeria inside so that became our supper. It was very good and reasonably priced. Because of the rain, we did not visit Yellowstone Park at all that day.

Trip Day 2: Brigham City KOA, Utah

After leaving Hurricane, we headed north towards Brigham City/Perry, Utah. This campground turned out to be our favorite. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Amenities included a full size Weber gas grill, a wooden swing, nice fire pit at each campsite, and the usual things such as showers, laundry, and convenience store. I had forgotten to take my shampoo and body wash out of the shower in Hurricane. The price to buy full sizes of both in Brigham KOA was only $4.50. Many others we have been to tend to gouge in their convenience stores.

A special thank you to KOA staff members Amber and Jake for their help with an issue in our RV that needed repair.

Although the weather was overcast all day, we were still able to sit around the firepit after using the Weber to cook our supper. The rain started much later.

Wooden swing
Nice fire pit
Weber grill at each site.

Heading to Hurricane KOA, Utah

We left very early in the morning to start our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Ot is our first long RV trip and also the first time with guests. Our first stop was Hurricane KOA in Utah. It was ok, but the sites were small and the picnic benches desperat

ely need repair. This one night stay was non eventful. Hopefully, on our return trip, the site will be better.

Respite from the heat at the Mogollon Rim

We are camping with family for 3 nights at Canyon Point Campground at the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Our site is a mini group large enough for several campers and tenters. There are 3 picnic tables and a fire pit. There were 4 adults and 2 dogs on our site. The elevation here is 7700ft. After a thunderstorm on day 1, the rest of the time was perfect. The temps warmed up to near 80 degrees during the day, and the nights were cold. We were glad to be able to use the fire pit, to sit around in the evenings. Many other parts of Arizona are under fire bans.

Day 2 started out great. Daughter served Home Made McMuffins and fruit. For lunch, we served Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. Evening meal was Sausages and Pirogies in foil packets. After lunch though we noticed that one of the there dogs was not eating and also having difficulty breathing at the high altitude. Son-in-law took him to a nearby vet later in the afternoon where he was examined and given medication. He was still having a tough time that evening so Daughter and Son-in-law made the decision to take the dogs back to the valley the next morning.

Saw courtesy of a Camp Host

That left just two of us at our mini group site for the remainder of that day, so we both ended up napping under the trees, eating some of the food meant for 4, and an evening at the campfire. The next morning we headed home about 10 AM to avoid the morning traffic. We four of us want to come back to this campground again. Not so sure that the dogs do though.

Second Lake Pleasant Trip

Lake Pleasant, AZ 06/03/19

Knowing that the temperature in this area will be heating up fast and furious, we decided to get in one last trip before the heat of summer. It turned out quite well. We had a gorgeous view of the lake, arguably the best in the park. Several people walking by asked how we were able to get such a primo site. Once we opened our awning, we were able to be outside until noontime, giving us time to have a short hike. We spent most of the afternoon inside, but once the sun got lower in the sky, we were back outside, seeing the stars. It was a truly relaxing two days.

A Long Overdue Post

Lots has happened since we got home from our road trip to Chattanooga and back. One week later, our tow bar was installed, so of course we needed to try it out. We picked a route which would send us through steep mountain climbs and downgrades. The tow vehicle performed well. We didn’t. In the course of getting the tow bar ready for it’s first trip we seemed to have forgotten things like a coffee maker and water. Luckily Cottonwood has a Wal-mart near the Dead Horse Ranch Campground where we were staying.

Dinner our first evening was at Bocce, a perfect place for pizza, appetizers drinks and fun. It also has a fire pit outside and a Bocce area for those who enjoy the game. The downtown area is perfect for walking and there are wine and tastings all along the streets.

Rio Verde

We spent our second day exploring the campground. The facilities were clean. pull through sites, but not as much privacy as we had hoped. The beauty of the Rio Verde and the Lagoon made everything much better. We will definitely stay here again in the future.

The Lagoon at Dead Horse Ranch Campground, Cottonwood AZ