Our RV’s Maiden Voyage

One week after we took possession of our Winnebago, we were on the road for our first RV trip. Arizona weather is usually sunny and warm in mid-February, but not this year. The original plan was to go north toward Cottonwood, but the weather was forecast to be well below freezing with snow possible, then turning to cold flooding rain. We opted instead to head south to Picacho Peak KOA near Tucson. We arrived Friday afternoon to rain and muddy puddles but we were able to get everything set up and working before our travel companions arrived.  We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting, eating, and enjoying some adult beverages, before preparing the beds for the night.


The rain cleared later in the evening and morning arrived sunny and cold. We were able to explore the park and take a few photos.  The staff at reception were friendly and very helpful. The restrooms and showers were very clean, and there was internet available. By late morning, we set up chairs and relaxed in the sunshine. It turned out to be a great time despite the weather and plan changes. The first journey went well, teaching us a lot along the way.

RVing Newbies

Several decades ago, Dale and I rented a motor home for a four-week trip across the country and back with our kids. Ever since then we have dreamed of owning our own motor home. Whenever we had a chance we would go to an RV Show looking for just the right rig with a price that would fit our budget. A few weeks ago, at a show in Arizona, we found it! After several hours of paperwork, we became motor home owners. One week later, the dealership had the motor home clean and ready for orientation. A few hours later it was in our driveway.

20190216_132554 (1).jpg

Now, the shopping begins. We soon realized that the RV does not come fully equipped. What will we need to get started? A lot! Reading some blogs from other postings, we were able to put together a long list of necessities and another of kitchen stuff. It still is not complete, but we have made enough progress to take a shakedown trip a few hours from home. More on that later.